East Rand Forging is a family owned business, which started in the early 1980's situated in Apex Industrial Sites on the East Rand. Due to constant expansion, the company built it's own factory and increased capacity to meet with the growing customer demands. East Rand Forging moved to the new factory in 1994 where an extension was later added.

The factory is currently processing approximately 120 tons of steel per month, specializing in closed die forging ranging between 20grm to 3 kg and upset forgings up to M56. Modern facilities at Apex Industrial Sites enables the company to produce tooling on a high speed Deckel Maho Machining Centre, using CAM capabilities and CAD design.

The modern tool room enables East Rand Forging to train apprentices in-house. The only work that is outsourced is galvanizing and heat treatment. To compliment quality control there are extensive in-house testing facilities enabling the factory to carry out Hardness Testing, Magnaflux Crack Detection and Tensile Testing up to 500kn.

East Rand Forging produces upset and drop forging for the electrification, automotive, mining, lifting, fastening, general engineering, earth moving and ground engaging tools industries. Forged electrification products includes spindles, which are used in ceramic insulators on overhead lines, as well as other overhead line hardware.

The upset forging plant is geared particularly to the production of nuts and bolts aimed specifically at the mining industry. We also serve the automotive and civil engineering industries with a variety of forged hardware.

East Rand Forging is committed to supply the best possible quality to the industry. Our quality assurance program applies to management and all Personnel. In order to assure our customers complete product and service satisfaction, we shall endeavor to:
> Remain a leader in Forging Technology in Africa.
> Assure the health and safety of our clients through the pursuit of excellence.
> Maintain an approved quality system.
> Uphold our reputation through customer satisfaction.
> Set and achieve measurable overall and functional quality objectives throughout the company.
> Increase profitability through the use of more efficient processes.

It is East Rand Forgings aim through quality improvement to exceed customer expectations and achieve continual improvement.

Our aim is to develop, respect and nurture our employees and communities in which we live, work and serve. We focus on creating a long lasting relationship based on mutual respect, trust and support of each other. We strive to objectively master the challenge to understand, manage and guide the aspirations of all our people.

We intend to eradicate their fears by transforming them into hopes. To ensure that all of us can live in harmony and peace in a just and free society. We believe that we will succeed in our aim to transform East Rand Forging into a workplace being sought by its employees for its justice, fairness and the prosperity it brings to all stakeholders alike.